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Welcome your child into the family and introduce them to the world

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What is a naming ceremony?

A naming ceremony is a very special way of celebrating the birth of a child, or welcoming adopted or step-children into the family.

Surrounded by family and friends, or held in private, a naming ceremony provides parents with an alternative to traditional religious ceremonies and helps families strengthen their bonds. Our award winning team are ready to help create a unique and wonderful experience for your family.

A unique experience

With our fully bespoke ceremony, you can create a unique and personal experience for your family. Our expert team will guide and support you throughout the planning stage and on the day itself. We will meet to discuss your requirements, help select poems, readings or non-religious words, which can be delivered by friends and family members during the ceremony and go through options, such as the giving of gifts.

You can choose up to four supporting adults to be part of the ceremony. They will make a promise to guide and support your children throughout life. Depending on your choices, the ceremony may take up to 45 minutes.

If you would like to arrange a ceremony as quickly as possible, you can opt to have our standard ceremony, ready made by our experienced team. This can be arranged within a few weeks and without meeting, and includes the promises made by supporting adults. The standard ceremony normally lasts for around 30 minutes with photos.

Your special day would not be complete without a spectacular venue. From seaside hotels to stately homes nestled in the rolling hills of the Yorkshire Wolds, visit our venues page to find the perfect place for your ceremony.

It is always best to plan your ceremony as far in advance as possible. Find your nearest registration office to start preparing for your ceremony.

A commemorative event

You will receive a commemorative certificate, signed during your ceremony to remember the day, along with a simple script of the ceremony. Additional certificates, for supporting adults promises and grandparents can also be purchased. These will be available from our main registration office in Beverley.

Naming ceremonies and any documents or certificates issued as part of the ceremony hold no legal status and cannot be used to establish any legal rights. If you intend to change your child's name, please contact us to discuss your options.

Celebrating together

A naming ceremony is not just for babies. Children of any age can have a naming ceremony and you may wish to include your older children in the ceremony as well as your new child. There is no additional cost for children from the same immediate family. There are also many other ways of involving older children in your ceremony. This could be readings, a personalised gift or some personal words they may want to say.

You can also choose to have a joint ceremony with the children of a relative, or, if you and your partner are getting married or a civil partnership, you can arrange to have a naming ceremony to follow on directly after. We offer a 25% discount on the total fees for joint ceremonies.

We carry out lots of ceremonies for single parents and guardians as well. Our team will adapt the wording to suit your personal ceremony.

How to book

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